CDs of exhibitions about Leo Nikolajevic Tolstoy, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Henry David Thoreau, Carl von Ossietzky, John Ruskin, Leo Tolstoy/Doukhobors, Etienne de la Boétie, Kurt Tucholsky, Karl Kraus, "Not to Bear the Guilt for it!", Wolfgang Borchert, "Peace for ever", Erasmus von Rotterdam and Albert Schweitzer can be bought for 3 € in the museum.

Leo Nikolajevic TolstoiMohandas Karamchand GandhiMartin Luther KingHenry David Thoreau

Carl von OssietzkyJohn RuskinLeo Tolstoy and the DoukhoborsRabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath TagoreKurt TucholskyKarl KrausPictures and poems against WarDas GesamtwerkPeace foreverErasmus von RotterdamAlbert Schweitzer


Borchert, Wolfgang, »Das Gesamtwerk«
Reinbek bei Hamburg, 2009
Taschenbuch, EUR 12,99

Friedrich, Ernst, »Krieg dem Kriege«
(reprint, Berlin 2015),
EUR 16,90


Friedrich, Ernst,
»Vom Friedens-Museum zur Hitler-Kaserne«
(reprint, orginal 1935, Berlin 2007),
EUR 9,80


   Friedrich, Ernst, »Krieg dem Kriege / Guerre à la Guerre! / War against War! / Oorlog aan den Oorlog!«, (reprint of the first edition of 1924, Berlin 1998, in German, French, English and Dutch language) - books out of stock!

»War agrees with me like a stay at a health resort.« (Hindenburg)
The 'health resort' of a proletarian. Almost the whole face blown away.
    The 'image of God' with a gas mask.
      Otto Dorbritz, 27 years old, wounded in October 1918 by a mine. Upper lip and nose torn away. Flesh taken from the forehead, arms and ribs to make artificial nose and lip.
After the steelbath: To the present day are lying in the hospitals gruesomely disfigured soldiers on whom operations are still being performed. Many of these unhappy war victims have undergone thirty, thirtyfive and in some cases more than forty operations. In the case of thousands, the medical treatment has not yet been ended. Very many have to be fed artificially.
     Spree, Tommy: »Ich kenne keine 'Feinde' - der Pazifist Ernst Friedrich - Ein Lebensbild«, (»I Don’t Know Any 'Enemies' - the Pacifist Ernst Friedrich - A Portray«), Berlin 2013, EUR 5
   Friedrich, Ernst, »Krieg dem Kriege«
Hardcover by DeutscheVerlagsAnstalt (DVA), Mai 2004, ISBN: 3421058407, EUR 9,90

Spree, Tommy: »30 Jahre Anti-Kriegs-Museum - Ein Museum für den Frieden«, (»30  years Anti-War-Museum - A Museum for Peace«), Berlin 2012, EUR 2